Tennis Teams Key to Success


Jeff Shomo

The girls’ Tennis Temas top player, Quiana Guo.

Ella George, Staff Writer

The girls Tennis Team is poised for States for the second year in a row, what is the key to their success? 

This year’s 2022-2023 tennis team  is currently on  a winning streak of 15-0 . The team has full confidence that they can make a trip to states this year. After speaking with the coach, it becomes clear the key to their success is the environment of the team and everyone’s love for the sport. 

The team has been fostered by head coach Coach Jane Bordens and the players, “I am honored and grateful to be the tennis coach at State High and I truly enjoy working with the student-athletes and teaching the game I grew up playing and a game I love” Bordens said in an email statement. In regards to how she feels towards the team, Borden said, “They are all amazing student athletes and I couldn’t be more proud of their success in the classroom and on the tennis court.” The team is dedicated to their work, and keeps up the grades to match.  Borden also has full confidence they will make it to states this year. 

The team’s social media also shows their community and their success. Every game score post is often followed by pictures of the team smiling or laughing on busses and  hanging out as a team. 

Abby Chen has played tennis for 6 years, and primarily plays doubles for the team. Recently, she’s been partnered with Emily Zhang, and they have been a successful duo. When asked about the environment, she says, “Everyone is normally encouraging people on…it’s very fun” She has a good attitude towards practice and genuinely enjoys it. She talks about friendly competitions, and cites them for bringing the team closer than they were in the past. She loves tennis, putting hours of her time into the sport saying, “Its just fun to hangout and its my therapy.” 

The team’s streak actually began in 2020, where they won the district 6 AAA championship, and proceeded to finish top 8 in the state championships two years in a row. Their top player, Quiana Guo, has three district 6 AAA champion medals and will compete for her fourth in the coming months. 

With one game until districts, the team is gearing up for the competition. With a confident and optimistic outlook on their performance, coupled with a winning streak of multiple years, the team is poised to place in states yet again.