Adele-licious Comeback

Jamie Claar, Staff Writer

2012 marked the year that the sky had fallen and the awards rained down on Adele, but until recently, the singer has been silent. The 23nd of October this year marked a powerful return to the scene with one of the biggest hits of 2015, “Hello”.  


Adele’s new single off her currently unreleased album, 25, broke the Vevo record of highest number of views in a day, being 27.7 million; a title previously held by Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” at 20.1 million. The album, as of November 21, has also reached number 1 on Billboard’s The Hot 100 and UK’s Top 100. The new single has been received warmly by many.


“Hello”, had also captured the hearts and minds of its audience here at State High. Lexi Lonsdale, freshman, expressed her infatuation with Adele’s comeback: “I played it 18 times today, I’m obsessed.” A talented musician has the ability to move people with their music, and Adele did just that. “Her vocals have developed so much from ‘Rolling in the Deep’ that I had physical heart pains,” said Kristina Hughes, sophomore. But not everyone was excited about new single.


Sean Kelleher, freshman, provided a different opinion. “It’s only good because she hasn’t come out with anything [recently],” Kelleher said. He suggested  that, although she is known for her powerful vocal abilities, Adele’s “Hello” gained much of its popularity because of her 3 year hiatus and not because it was anything drastically different.
Regardless of what some may think of the song, it had caused many ripples in the swamp that is the music industry. The record comes out November 20 and, if the reception of “Hello” was any indication of the rest of the album, it will sell millions.