Humans of State High

“I think a lot of times in life, we tend to isolate ourselves rather than other people isolating us. So even if you have such a big support system or like so many people around you who are reaching out, if you’re not looking because you’re in a downward spiral, then you can feel really alone. And I think for me, it was the first year I moved when I was in like 5th grade. It was right around the time my dad died. I just moved to a new state, new people, new teachers, I was regretting stuff. And I think that was when I felt most alone, specifically in school. But looking back, I had a lot of people, it’s just [that] I isolated myself.” (1/3)

“I tell myself, ‘it is what it is.’ I think especially in middle school, [there] was a time for me where I was just so focused on trying too hard and not giving any time for myself to relax, and there got to a point where I would burn out and fail my classes. What happened was I actually just realized that it is what it is. And there are times when you should prioritize yourself and your wellbeing over small things like grades. […] It doesn’t change who I am as a person, it doesn’t define who I am, and it’s not like I can always be perfect. So I just go with the flow now.” (2/3)

“I’m proud of being self aware. I think I’ve been able to self-reflect on my past, and my actions, what I’ve done in my life, what my strengths and weaknesses are and been able to use that to improve. Even when I was talking about the ‘it is what it is’ thing, the only reason I was able to stop that mindset and realize that perfection isn’t needed is because I self-reflected on my life.” (3/3)

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