Freshman Take on Sports at State High

Helena Haynes, Staff Writer

Freshman take on Sports at State High

State High is very lucky to have a variety of sports that we have the opportunity to participate in. Many students choose to play one of these sports but others choose to play more. These students all take their sports very seriously and have to learn how to balance schoolwork, practices, and their lives outside of school, year round. Many State High freshman are choosing to play two sports during the year while also taking on their first year of high school.

It can be hard at times for a student athlete when constantly practicing for a sport. Freshman, Saya Melo who plays soccer and track stated, “It can be stressful at times with the homework we get.” Many school sports have practices that last a few hours which makes it hard for some students to accomplish all of their homework due the next day. Also, with games some students end up missing a lot of school. Kelly Vanden, freshman, who plays tennis and track said, “Sometimes I miss a lot of class and then I have to make up all of the classwork and homework.” This can be incredibly hard especially because athletes at State High usually miss the last period of the day if they leave for a game. This causes them to miss the same classes over and over which can make them fall very far behind. While some students find it stressful balancing their schoolwork and sports, others do not. Freshman Tommy Friberg who plays football, basketball, and lacrosse says, “I don’t think it’s too stressful playing sports and keeping up with school.”

Even though playing more than one sport can be hard at times, there are also many good things about it. Freshman, Kelsey Love who plays field hockey and basketball commented on what she likes about playing both sports, “I meet a lot of people through the sports I play which is something I really enjoy doing.” Vanden also commented on what she liked about playing sports year round, “I do track to keep me in shape for tennis. I take tennis very seriously so it’s important to stay fit.” When playing more than one sport there is a big variety of things the athlete is doing. Rachel Fedorko, who plays volleyball and lacrosse says, “Since I do volleyball and lacrosse, it’s not the same thing over and over again.”  As for other people, they just play because of how much they enjoy it. “I just play for the love of the game.” says Keaton Ellis, freshman who plays football and basketball.

If an athlete does more than one sport, it may be expected that they have a favorite. “I like volleyball better than lacrosse because it always keeps me interested,” says Fedorko. There are also some people who prefer sports because of their skill level in them. Vanden said, “I prefer tennis because I have a high position on my team.” There are also some athletes who have been playing a certain sport for most of their life which gives them a special attachment to it. “I’ve been playing since I came out of the womb,” says Ellis. Playing more than one sport has many pros and cons, especially when having to balancing it with other things but these freshman seem like they are on the right path with their athletic careers.