Bieber Fever’s Not Dead


Gillian ONeill, Staff writer

For one who doesn’t get out much, Justin Bieber is a worldwide popstar from Canada. He was discovered through his popular youtube videos when he was just 15 years old in 2007. By 2009 Bieber stole the hearts of many with his good looks and talented voice. It has been showcased in the media that becoming famous so quickly at such a young age is not as amazing as it’s made out to be. At the beginning of 2014 Bieber was caught spitting over a balcony at a crowd of teenage girls. Very soon after he was arrested for drag racing and a DUI. This lead to him losing a lot of respect and fans. However, this wasn’t the end of Bieber or his career. With help and support from the people around him he got better. Now, Bieber has a new album out Purpose which has sold 522,000 in album sales making it Bieber’s largest sales in one week ever. Something that caused this outbreak of bieber fans is his change of genre. Bieber went from pop songs to a more R&B style. This album caused Bieber to gain most of his original fan base back and even more. Freshman Morgan Fusco said “When Justin Bieber first became famous I didn’t really like him or his music, but after listening to Purpose I’m starting to really like him.” Bieber went from being an angsty destructive teen to a teen heart throb in just a few weeks and people are liking it. Freshman Anna Garban said “I’ve loved Justin from day one and now I just love him even more”. Justin Bieber made a huge comeback and now he’s back on top.