Girls Basketball Goes Gold for Mini-THON


Becky Mignot

Girls team standing with kids from their old elementary and middle schools in honor of kindergarten night.

Becky Mignot, Staff Writer

Friday, Feb. 3, State High’s girls basketball team battled it out with Central Dauphin East. Three pointers, quick feet, and communication helped the girls’ team win 57 to 14 at the Gold-Out Game. 

Throughout the gym, Gold-Out shirts in honor of Mini-THON could be spotted. State Highs’ Mini-THON, inspired by Penn State’s THON, helps raise money “for the kids”. The money raised from the event goes to the Four Diamonds charity that helps assist kids and families to conquer childhood cancer. Bracelets and shirts could also be found being sold at the game with proceeds going to the cause.  

In anticipation of the twelve hours spent dancing, playing fun games, and doing everything apart from sitting, Mini-THON has been taking initiative to spread the word through things like the girls’ basketball game. Allison Mock, the girls basketball varsity coach further explained this. “We talked with the girls about making sure to spread the word and get people here to grow the awareness even more,” Mock said. 

As well as being a Gold-Out game, the game was also packed with kindergarteners for the school’s elementary night. Sophomore player Tori Risha was excited about the crowd. “It’s going to be fun because it’s kindergarten night so there will be a lot of little kids there supporting us,” Risha said.

The stands were filled with those kids cheering and supporting the girls to their victory.

Before the game, Mock said, “The girls and I talked yesterday at practice and they are excited for it. They are excited to have lots of people in the stand and play in front of them”. The game was thrilling to watch with the energy from the stands and the court mixing into an exciting atmosphere. 

“Theme games are fun because they bring that different atmosphere and vibe than a game on a regular night with no theme,”  Mock said. The communication between the team could be seen on and off the bench, with the girls smiling and cheering for each other.

“It’s also exciting because it’s coming up to our districts game and start helping us prepare,” Risha added, ”It’s one of our last home games so I’m just excited to play with the team.” 

Even during the intense moments, the friendship between the team never faltered. When they weren’t playing, they were laughing on the bench just enjoying one of the remaining games of the season together.