Halfway to the Finish Line


Katelyn Peachey

State High Indoor Track & Field athletes participate in the second State College Invitational held on February 1st, 2023.

Olivia Graham, Staff Writer

After several meets with positive outcomes for the State High Indoor Track & Field team, the competitive athletes are gearing up for the second half of their season. Penn State University welcomed the team to their indoor track on February 1st, 2023 for the third meet of the season, State College Invitational #2.

Despite many members of the boys’ and girls’ teams having previously practiced together, this year they share one head coach, Artie Gilkes. Although the athletes participate individually, leaders and upperclassmen on the team have helped ease the coaching transition for the entire group.

Senior Katelyn Peachey discussed the importance of teamwork throughout the season: “Overall, I think the dynamic [of the team] is important… The team is more interconnected, it makes us stronger.”

As an indoor track & field captain, Peachey feels the head coach transition has unified the team more than in previous years. “As a team, it is important to work together when preparing for meets,” she said. Sidelined due to injury during the team’s third meet, Peachey is looking forward to recovering and competing with fellow runners in the 4×200-meter relay.

Grace Lippincott, senior jumper, echoes Peachey’s message. “Track is unique because you compete individually but [we] are scored as a team, so helping your teammates helps the whole team,” Lippincott expresses. She follows this by emphasizing the team’s ability to have fun while locking in and working hard. The jumper, soon to pursue track & field at Bloomsburg University, has proved to be a role model on the team.

At the second State College Invitational on February 1st, Lippincott placed high in both of her events: the long jump and the triple jump. Her competitive mindset and high levels of aggression motivate her and the rest of the team.

State High’s indoor track & field team has not only competed in meets in previous years, but they have competed through various challenges as well. One of these difficulties includes the cancellation of the 2020-2021 season as a result of COVID-19. Regardless of the team being absent during the 2020-2021 season, the sense of community continues to thrive.

Senior Adam Lieb highlights that “the overall environment is phenomenal.” As a captain, Lieb’s work ethic and leadership skills have benefited the team environment he speaks so highly of.

There’s a lot of eyes on you both as a captain and a senior, so I’m always trying to be conscious of how I felt as a freshman, looking up to my captains and leaders… I was included [as a freshman] and I try to make sure my team feels the same, that everyone’s races are important and they’re all part of the team,” he stressed. Lieb helped his 4×400-meter relay place 5th at the second State College Invitational.

As the finish line of the indoor season approaches for senior Adam Lieb and the rest of the indoor track & field team, Lieb reflects on his four years of participation on the team. When asked about his track & field experiences, Lieb conveys an invaluable lesson: “Your starting point doesn’t define you, but your progress does.” Reaching the halfway point proves difficult in such a competitive sport, but teamwork throughout the season motivates the State High Indoor Track & Field team to compete and make progress.

*The date of this event was fixed post-publishing due to error and is now corrected.