Showcasing the Reality of High School: @scahsshenanigans


Lacey Sheaffer

@scahsshenanigans first began last school year, but has now spread throughout the school as a popular conversation topic.

Lacey Sheaffer, Sports Editor

If you’re a State High student on social media, chances are you’ve encountered the phenomenon that’s been taking over Instagram feeds. An account with the username @scahsshenanigans can be seen in almost every student’s following list. However, there are a few mysteries left unanswered about it.

The account first began gaining popularity last school year. Now they have amassed over 1,400 followers—including people who don’t even attend State High. They post nearly every day and sometimes even more, all thanks to student submissions. 

An anonymous owner of the popular account @scahsshenanigans stated why they started the account last year. “A couple of us had taken pictures of funny things we saw around the school and wanted to share those things to others. You really don’t see everything that’s going on during the day and there’s a lot of funny stuff a lot of students miss out on,” they said.

Although it might be hard to believe, there are still some things that aren’t posted. “We have a rough outline of rules which can be read on the account. Mostly stuff that is gross, violent, or derogatory we will not post. We’ve also been asked to not post things and we respect those decisions,” the owner explained. 

The most asked question by far is who owns the account. No information can be found that even hints at the admins’ hidden identities. An owner explained this choice: “We decided to be anonymous due to the nature of what’s posted. A lot of things on the account violate school rules, and having all of that come back to us would be bad.” 

While acknowledging the possible consequences of this account, the true intentions of the account were also clearly stated. “Our goal isn’t to motivate people to do bad things and deface the school,” they said.

The owners believe that despite the content, it should be noted that these things are just a part of living as a high school student. Seeing things like this doesn’t encourage students to do more damage, just showcases the parts that inherently come along with being a teenager. 

However, not everyone loves the account. “Administration is not a fan of us. A couple months ago they really tried to figure out who runs scahsshenanigans, but they couldn’t. Maybe we’re just too good?” the owner joked. 

Ever since the account began, it’s helped bring students together. In such a big school environment, it’s physically impossible to see everything that is going on. The funny photos and videos can aid students’ mental health on those tough and stressful days, or spark conversation points that help students make new connections.

“We think scahsshenanigans unites the school in a way. This account shows all the real things and real people that go here. All the antics that make State High the wonderful place it is. If we’re mandated to be here, [we] might as well have some fun with it,” the owner fondly said.