Spring Break: A Break from Stress


SCAHS Spring Break, March 6-10, on the SCASD 2022-2023 Academic Calendar.

Ella Tambroni, Staff Writer

As Spring approaches, SCAHS students are excited to take a break from school during Spring Break. Over the past few years, Covid-19 has limited the ability to go places due to health precautions. This year, people are able to go places they want to go while taking safety measures. Spring Break is an opportunity for students to kick back and relax and keep those books in their backpacks. Some students like to stay home and spend time with family and friends, while some are immediately hopping on a plane. 

For SCASD, Spring Break is scheduled for the second week of March, (6th-12th). That is six days for students to take a break. Spring Break is often characterized as being a week of nonstop fun and traveling, even when some may have forgotten about the positive effects that the break gives them. Spring Break has many mental and physical health benefits that allow students to decompress. 

Especially in unprecedented times, students experience stress and an overwhelming amount of work that teachers are giving them. 


Sophomore Lola Espinoza shared her feelings about the School Year right now. “I am feeling very overwhelmed, I am not doing very well in my classes and have had multiple tests in a day which stresses me out. Every class I am behind and a lot of my assignments are piling up,” she stated.  

Espinoza plans on catching up with her work during the break since she has no plans and is staying at home. 

Another SCAHS Student, Sydney Zlupko, expressed a similar experience with school and also has no plans for the break. “Spring break allows me to focus on myself and start to prepare myself for keystones and a lot of work coming up,” she shared. 

Sophomore Stella Morris, has a different way of spending Spring Break.  

“I am going to Jamaica with one of my best friends,” Morris said. Trips like these are a great way of relaxing and getting minds off of school. 

Spring Break occurs around the time of important tests and the end of the third marking period. Many comments about students being stressed and overwhelmed have teachers stressed as well. Teachers also need a break. Some may be stuck grading assignments, while others are putting that aside. 

It is evident that students are excited for this break to take place. As students experience stress, Spring Break will allow them to decompress and take a week for themselves. A trip to Jamaica, or just staying home will equally cleanse students of some stress.