A Guide to Spring Break in State College


Becky Mignot

State High sophmore Hayden Kissell walks around downtown State College

Becky Mignot, Staff Writer

With spring break around the corner and many students leaving for trips it can seem boring to those not leaving State College. Sitting at home with seemingly nothing to do is not the way most people want to spend break, and most times in this town it seems like the only thing to do is go downtown. Here is a guide to places in State College to spend your break. 

If the weather permits, there are many outdoor activities to choose from.

Mount Nittany

Mount Nittany is a great option for hiking even for beginners. Grab some friends, bring some snacks and enjoy the sunny hike to the top of the mountain.There you can enjoy the view of downtown, including Beaver Stadium. Not far away from the mountain is Cafe Lemont, which is a great cool down after a hike. Sit down in the cozy cafe with a cup of chai and some oatmeal, as a warm pick me up before the rest of your day. 

Spring Creek 

Spring Creek is a great place to walk with paths leading all around the creek and the park. The peaceful park is perfect to take in nature around as spring starts. Sophomore Claire Heaney says “I love going to Spring Creek because the water’s so pretty and I love being in nature with my friends.” So pack a picnic, a book, art supplies, and sit in one of the many fields by the creek. The small park by the creek is a fun place for you and your friends to unleash your inner child. Sadly, it may be too cold to actually go in the creek but you can keep it on your list for summer.

Pattee and Paterno Library 

Only a 20 minute bike ride away from Spring Creek is the Pattee and Paterno Library on Penn State’s campus in downtown State College. The college’s large library has many sections of books to go through. For students who have work to do over break, sophomore Tristan Rogers says, “The library is the best place to get your work done when you want some time alone to focus on studies.” If you get hungry, the library has a big Starbucks with a variety of food and drinks for studying students. In addition there are many hidden places that you and your friends can find so you can be a little louder and just sit and talk, maybe even take a stab at solving the murder in the stacks of the library in 1969.  

Downtown State College 

Downtown may seem uninteresting after going so many times but there still are many places to hang out. Take advantage of the college students being gone for the week and choose one of the variety of options downtown. You can hit Mr. Wish for some boba, then 2000 Degrees to paint some pottery with friends. Or get bagels and a smoothie at Irvings, then go appreciate the art at the Palmer Museum of Art. A five minute walk away from the museum is The Berkey Creamery, where you can stop and get ice cream to enjoy in the gazebo of the Duck Pond where you can admire the fish, ducks, and nature. 

There are numerous shops to stop at, even if you don’t have money. At Websters, a bookstore cafe downtown, you can go through the vinyls, clothes, and books, then just relax in one of the many hidden seats around the store. Sophomore Hayden Kissell shared, “I like going to Webster’s downtown because it is so cozy, and I love all of the unique handmade jewelry in the mini thrift store. As well as the delicious vegan friendly cafe it has. I could spend hours talking in between the bookshelves with friends or studying in the quiet atmosphere”. Right next to Webster is Uncle Eli’s, an art store with art supplies, jewelry and posters to decorate your room.

Goodwill + Barnes & Nobles

Goodwill is another place to search for clothes, for even lower prices. There are many stylish second hand pieces at affordable prices for many broke teens. Even if you don’t buy anything it is still fun to walk around, pick out the ugliest clothes and tell your friends they should get it.  Close to Goodwill is Barnes and Noble where you can go through the rows of books, vinyls, and magazines. The cozy bookstore also has a Starbucks which is the perfect place to get food and drinks on the colder days over break. Around the same plaza as Barnes and Noble is Escape Artist, an escape room that is a great place to test your investigative and teamwork skills with your friends. 

A late movie is the perfect way to end a day. Catch one of the movies at any of the theaters in town, or maybe catch a whole bunch. There are many things to do in town over break, to make life just a little more fun. So enjoy break, whether you are going on a trip, enjoying the places in town, or just chilling at your house, for a relaxing week off.