Senior Skip Day: Helping or Hurting?


Carley Donnell

Classroom attendance decreases due to senior skip day a few days of each school year.

Carley Donnell, Staff Writer

The idea of senior skip day may be fun, however, these days are never official. Senior skip day takes place a couple of times a year when senior students come together and decide they will skip a day of school. Once the day is finalized, they will often post the date on social media to spread the word to the other seniors. It is typically a day off of school for the seniors to rest and relax.

There has been some controversy over senior skip days at State High, and it is debatable whether the administration should grant “official” senior skip days or not. While the seniors feel it is a fair idea, the State High administration respectfully disagrees.

Danielle Ambrosia, the Assistant Principal at State High said that “it seems like an inequitable practice to allow a quarter of the school to miss a day and hold the other 3/4 of the school to attendance law.”

While Ambrosia feels that senior skip day is unfair to other grades, she also explained that students must be aware of the work that they are missing out on. “There are some students whose academics and grades would not be impacted from being out of school for a day, and some that would have their academics and grades impacted. Every student (especially as seniors) needs to be aware of the stress or risk of taking a day off for senior skip day,” Ambrosia said.

On the other hand, there is a mix of emotions coming from the senior students. Some students feel that this idea is beneficial, while others think that it is pointless.

Senior Meredith Sulman is in between. “I would say it is neither important or unnecessary. I think it is a fun idea but not the most important aspect of senior year,” Sulman said.

There are many more enjoyable and important activities to attend in senior year, rather than senior skip day. Sulman is on the Girl’s Swim and Dive team at State High and understands the consequences of senior skip day. “I have not participated in senior skip day yet because if you skip school, you cannot participate in a meet or practice that day,” she said.

Athletes would have a hard time taking part in this practice because they could very easily put their participation and performance at risk on the day they skip school. Therefore, the smartest decision appears to be attending the school day.

Laura Cunningham, an English teacher at State High, believes that senior skip day can be a great time for kids to bond, however. “I think that it can give seniors something special to look forward to and the day has the opportunity to strengthen the senior class community,” Cunningham said.

She also described one of the major downfalls of the days though too. “I believe that the major con associated with senior skip day is that there can be too many–causing a loss in valuable instructional time in the classroom,” she said.

Although it may be enjoyable for the seniors to miss a day of school, it is better to be on top of the workload and not get behind on important material. When a student gets behind on certain topics, it can be stressful and difficult to catch up.

While the concept of senior skip day brings joy to the students, missing out on a day of school is not worth it. Depending on the situation seniors are in, the outcome of avoiding school could lead to adverse consequences, stress, and anxiety. It is up to the students to be logical about this event and to do what is best for them.