New Year, New Beginning

Angel Zheng, Staff Writer

When the clock struck midnight, it marked an imaginary fresh start for everyone, filled with resolutions and plans for the new year. State High students looked back at the memories made during 2015 while sharing some thoughts about the hopeful future. 2015 brought many changes, including block scheduling and security guards, and also created new memories. Everyone had different experiences and feelings toward last year. “It was a roller coaster,” said Ryan Guide, senior. “I met some cool new people, made new friends, and watched some loved ones disappear.”

Shreyas Sundar, sophomore, said that it was the year with the most changes in his life. “I grew more independent with my work,” he said after listing the highlights of last year which included tennis, TSA, and debate. Although he would not say that 2015 was a great time overall, he believed that it held many experiences that he learned and would not forget.

There was a consensual anticipation for the new year between the students. To senior Ignatius Liu, 2015 was a stressful year. Between standardized testing and college applications, there were a lot things he needed to worried about. Liu said, “But now that it is over, I look forward to 2016.”

Aria Mason, junior, hopes to continue to be strong academically and in her musical studies. “I also want to discover which colleges and universities would be the best fit for me both academically and socially,” she said in regards of the near future.

“I wish 2016 to be the year I find motivation to try harder and actually achieve my goals instead of putting them off like I usually do,” said Sundar. Similarly, many people looked to the next year for hope. Sophomore Lily Zhang said, “I just feel like anything is possible in the new year… You suddenly feel so powerful.”

New Year represents an inspiring new beginning; the motivation to learn from past mistakes for future opportunities. It gives optimism and a positive outlook for many who’ve had both positive and negative experiences. In this new year, leave room for restarts as well as mistakes and remember that whatever happens, it will all ultimately contribute to growth and maturity.