Boys Tennis: Springing into Action


Abby Vance

Coach Jane Borden has a post-game talk with the team. Photo Credits: Abby Vance

Abby Vance, Staff Writer

Boys tennis is a sport that you don’t hear much about in school. Around this time of year, students are busy with testing, college decisions, and looking forward to the bliss that comes with summer vacation. But, the boys tennis team must balance  practices and games as well as their academics. For the boys tennis team it seems like a breeze to balance all of this.

Jane Borden is the boys’ head coach. When asked about the personality of the team as a whole, Borden said, “This team is fun, full of positive energy, and athletically and academically talented. Generally, teams are missing one of these components but this group has it all. It’s a really good mix of newer, less-experienced players and a wonderful group of experienced players who have really helped to guide their younger or newer teammates. The combination of all of these guys working together is what makes them such a fantastic team.”  

There are definitely several ways to describe this group, but for team captain and senior Elijah Gamson, one word is enough: brothers. “No one’s ego is out of this world,” said Gamson, “Even though we have a whole ranking system. You’ll see the number one player talking to the thirty-fifth and having fun. No one is really taking it to heart,” he said.

Not only do these athletes have a great bond with each other, they also do incredibly well competitively. With a 12-1 winning streak, it’s easy to say that there’s nothing stopping them from dominating the court.