The Return of Prom Season


Jacob Will

A viewpoint of the entrance to Senior Prom 2022, which took place in the Bryce Jordan Center. The 2022 theme was “Under The Lights”, which presented a starry-night ambiance for a night of fun for the senior class.

Gabriella Fuller, Staff Writer

Prom is one of the most important social events in a teen’s high school career. Some will think of movies like “High School Musical 3″ or “10 Things I Hate About You”, both of which have romanticized prom – a night filled with dancing, elegant dresses, and hanging out with friends or partners. Even though prom is only one night, the preparation for prom takes weeks for most. And for some, that preparation starts about five months before prom. 

“I got my dress in December over winter break. I went to Formalities in Bellefonte and it was the first and only place that I went to. I went there because I know a lot of girls around town getting theirs there, and I heard that they had really cute dresses so that’s why I went,” junior Lindsey Schneider said. 

Formalities is a well-known store for purchasing formal attire. From wedding gowns, to tuxes, to homecoming dresses, many people in the State College area shop at Formalities when planning outfits for formal events. However, purchasing from a boutique for prom can get really expensive for the average high schooler. Schneider’s plan for after prom is to sell her dress to get back most of the money spent. While the dress may have been expensive, Schneider has no regrets.

“I saw the dress that I tried on and I knew that that was the dress that I wanted, and I kind of just dealt with the price after that because I wanted to get a dress that I loved,” Schneider shared excitedly. Schneider is not alone when it comes to figuring out prom finances. Maribeth Kelly, who will be attending senior prom, explained how she is handling the financial details behind her prom preparation. 

“My parents have offered to pay for everything, which is very kind. I believe my dress was around $160, which I feel is not that bad compared to other places and the shoes were around $30. [My parents] didn’t really give me a specified budget, but definitely nothing over $300 for my dress,” Kelly added. 

Kelly bought her outfit during spring break in early March, but still has some other details to plan for her night out. Similar to a lot of girls going to prom, this means planning hairstyles, nail appointments, and how they are going to do makeup. As for all prom-goers, many will need to plan out what shoes to wear, where to get their dress/suit tailored, whose house they’ll be getting ready at, and more. So, a question remains, why do students want to put in all of this effort to go to prom? Luke Fuller, who is planning on attending junior prom, shared his top reasons.  

“I have a date this year, and I think it’s just an experience that everybody should get to have in high school. My parents talk about it, and you always see it in the movies,” Fuller stated. His reasons for going are common in many high schoolers.

The night of prom has almost always been glamorized through TV or social media. Simply searching up the word ‘Prom’ on the most popular social media websites will reveal hundreds of thousands of photos and videos showing prom-related inspiration. It’s an experience that many teens don’t want to miss and a memory many adults remember fondly. 

Junior Prom will take place on May 13, 2023, and Senior Prom on May 20, 2023. Although there are many rumors as to where and what times the two events will be taking place, students should keep an eye out for more information closer to May by watching WSCH, reading emails sent by principal Tobias, or contacting their class senate representatives.