SCGLAX: Overcoming Obstacles With Community


Lynn Fry

SCGLAX players Ella Tambroni and Macey Mitchell embrace after a goal at North Field.

Olivia Graham, Staff Writer

The State College Girls’ Lacrosse team is renowned for one thing: their bond. Whether it is on the field or off the field, the girls on the team share a connection like no other. Their vibrant energy uplifts the team and has fueled their results over the past few seasons. However, this year, SCGLAX had a difficult start to the season. As the season started, the team felt the absence of last year’s seniors, evoking a disconnection, and forging unwanted results. Despite these challenges, the season is just starting to take off. The chemistry is now stronger than ever and the spirits are high for the final stretch of the 2023 season.

With just six wins and eight losses, SCGLAX relied on their final home game of the year to fuel success for the end of the season. On Tues., May 2, the team battled Gettysburg on home turf. Throughout the game, the players showed grit, playing with a dominant passion that ultimately led the team to a 22-3 victory.

Senior Mia Reese spoke highly of her team after the well-earned victory on Tuesday night. “The game was such a blast. We have only been climbing up as a team… Offense was our struggle at the beginning of the season, but we learned how to make [ourselves] a better team,” she said. Reese will be pursuing lacrosse at McDaniel College and has had only positive experiences during her time on the State College Girls’ Lacrosse team.

The team environment is seriously a special one. We cheer each other on and love each other on & off the field. We always know how to have a good time, which is a very important thing to have,” Reese added. “There is constant hard work and appreciation for the game that is shed among all of the players.” The determination and strong bond through the team has motivated the girls to turn the difficult start of the season around.

Olivia Miller, a junior on the team, also spoke about the SCGLAX environment. “Everyone has a positive attitude and wants to be at practices & games. We also all love and support each other on and off the field which helps fuel our success,” Miller said

She repeated the idea that the team chemistry is strong, allowing for the connection during games to click. Regarding the final home game against Gettysburg, Miller was also satisfied with the outcome. “The team played strong from start to finish. I was proud of everyone’s fight and grit. We played as hard as we could and because of that, we won in the end,” she said.

Despite the difficult start to the season for the girls’ lacrosse team, nothing can interfere with the intense connection that spreads across the entire team. The players on the State College Girls’ Lacrosse team have used one another to fight through the challenges of this season. Although the season is coming to an end, the team’s determination will only strengthen the family-like bond and produce positive results for SCGLAX.

With a current record of eight wins and nine losses, the team will look to create a 50% record before the District 6 Championship. The last in-season game for State College Girls’ Lacrosse took place on May 12, at Danville Area High School.