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Graphic made by Nubah.
Graphic made by Nubah.

Five minutes. For an average human to read about 500 words, it takes five  minutes. 500 words, the size of an average news article. Always expand sources, so four articles. 2,000 words and 20 minutes. In less than half an hour, one can be fully informed on a singular current event in the world.

The excuse of not knowing enough or not caring to know enough as it is not directly affecting has long expired. The current events occuring in the Gaza strip and Israel is the top story in every news source and is there all over social media. Only a few clicks and scrolls is what it takes to know and learn. 

Besides educating yourself the right way, there are plenty of ways you can contribute to spread awareness and encourage others to get involved and help, from your bedroom. Here are a few ways how you can:

1. Use Unbiased and Multiple News Sources.

Fox News, for example, lean heavily towards the Republican point of view and have a reputation of portraying controversial opinions. Refrain from getting news from news sources that aim to manipulate and change points of view. 

According to a survey conducted by Insider, the following are ranked the least biased news sources (in no particular order):

Always use a variety of news sources including international and local ones. Fact check the information received from the sources.

2. Avoid Getting News From Social Media Posts

Multiple videos and pictures that are circulating of attacks in the Gaza strip and Israel have been proven to be false. Prevent getting news from platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, now X. 

Recheck the statistics and information presented in social media posts with trusted and unbiased new sources.

3. If The Post Turns Out To Be Accurate, Share It. 

Whether you have 20, 200, or 2,000 followers, sharing information on social media is one of the most effective ways of spreading information and awareness due to the growing number of users on all platforms. 

The extreme prevalence of these posts on people’s feeds also push them towards learning more about the topic. 

For example, all internet access has been cut off in the Gaza strip. Sharing posts about what has been going on on your platforms will make those muted voices heard. 

With one click, you have the ability to give voices to thousands.

4. Conversation

Power that even the smallest conversation holds is underestimated by many. With the correct presentation of facts, thoughts, and interpretations, one can enlighten many on a certain topic. 

Hearing a person explain something vast can be understood much more easily compared to reading from a device. The one to one conversation gives the ability of repeating in simpler terms, reaffirming, visual representation, etc.

5. Donating To Charities

If you wish to donate, know the legitimacy of websites and organizations you donate to. 

The best ways to know that the charity isn’t a scam:

  • Legitimate charities will not rush you to donate or show urgency for money. They encourage you to take your time and think it through.
  • Check the rating of the organization through the help of watch dogs such as Charity Navigator or CharityWatch.
  • Contact your state’s charity regulator to check the validity of the charity you wish to donate to.
  • Search up the name of the charity and the cause you are donating to. See what information Google presents. 
  • Review your credit card account to make sure that the proper amount of money was extracted.
  • Report charity fraud to Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

6. Protest 

Speak up for what you believe is right. Peaceful protests on any matter are constitutional under free speech. 

As long as you are on public property, you have the right to speak up and voice your opinion on any matter. It becomes different in private property as you must follow the owner’s restrictions. Which is why sidewalks, plazas, in front of government buildings, etc. are the best option as long as no disruption is being caused. 

In public property, you also are permitted to record anyone or anything in plain view. 

Know your rights to protest by research using trusted sources such as the American Civil Liberties Union.

As the well known saying goes, ‘Ignorance Is Violence’. Neglecting current events reflects upon the lack of care one has. Additionally, clickbaited news and fake information has been circulating and reaches audiences more quickly and easily due to social media platforms. Thus, it is extremely important to know the right ways to educate and spread. 

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