Classic Movies, Where Did They Go?



KRT WHAT’S NEXT STORY SLUGGED: NXT-TRIVIA KRT HANDOUT PHOTOGRAPH (August 23) Matthew Broderick starred in the 1986 high school hit “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” (cdm) 2005

Jared Bowman, Staff writer

 Movies have long been a great form of entertainment since they were first made. However, lately it seems that people have been running out of original ideas for new and exciting movies. Recently it has been common to see “2” or “the sequel” in movie titles and the new original movies just aren’t that great. The real question is, what makes a movie classic? Sophomore Matt Warner said, “I think a classic movie is an old movie that is famous and that people like.” To me, a classic movie is something that people will remember and will still enjoy after many years. Bandwagon classics are the movies that everyone knows and loves, and they’re like that for a reason because they are great. They are movies that people could pass down through generations and would still love and laugh at.


A good classic movie will fill you with all different kind of emotions and make you laugh or even bring a tear to your eye but they aren’t for everyone. Sophomore Shane Kilbride said, “Classic movies aren’t awful but I definitely prefer the newer movies over older ones.” Some people just don’t see the appeal of classic movies, instead they prefer the new action packed movies. New movies are very funny and there are a lot that have great stories, but to me you don’t get the same feeling while watching a new movie as you do when you watch a classic.  


Classic movies have to be original. They have great characters that are relatable and have memorable performances. They are also quotable. If you quote the movie and no one around you understands what you’re talking about it can’t be a classic. If you are looking for a good classic movie to watch I’d recommend Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Sixteen Candles, Risky Business, The Godfather, Rocky, and Stand by Me.  


Classic movies are a great form of entertainment whether you are sad, happy, or just plain out bored. They are a staple in people’s lives that they can look back on or rewatch for nostalgia. They are called classics for a reason;  they are good movies that people enjoy and will watch again and again.