Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know

Things You Didnt Know You Didnt Know

Kristen Miller, Staff Writer

As we come up on the conclusion of our third marking period, the home stretch of the school year commences.  Teachers are anxious with managing content and students brains begin slowing with dreams of summer.  To keep your mind sharp and refreshed, find intriguing content that will stimulate your recumbentibus, a part of the brain that controls energy and ability to focus.  Studies from the University of Alamort in New Hampshire reveal that arousing your curiosity leads to increased levels of quality performance.  In honor of only having 25 of each class left, here are 25 strange facts you didn’t know you didn’t know!


  1. There is an asteroid orbiting Jupiter, known as Oenophilia, that sends sound waves toward earth that are comparable to that of whale distress calls.
  2. The body produces over 18 billion orphic cells every minute. Orphic cells are responsible for regulating the level of copper in your bloodstream, ensuring that there is the necessary amount for survival and not one bit more.
  3. A famous insect known as the réchauffé beetle has thirteen legs and two brains. It was discovered in Northern France in 2012 by amateur photographer Edmund Kemper when he set out on a project to capture the beauty surrounding small organisms.
  4. A piggesnye is a unique fly that produces over two gallons of saliva each day.  When examined microscopically, the insect appears to be constantly coated with a thin layer of liquid, leaving behind a trail of moisture.
  5. Australian phenomenon, Ian Brady is known for swallowing an entire apple without biting or sucking on it.  To make things even more interesting, Brady ended up vomiting out the apple which, besides being covered in saliva, appeared completely untouched.
  6. The fourteenth Argentine president, Juan Ramirez, had two pet donkeys and one sheep that lived in his home with him.  There names were Emilio, Hada, and Cornelia.
  7. There is a nomadic tribe in western Chile that covers their hands with a thin mud paste every morning and washes it off every night before bed.  They believe that exposing the hands to any sunlight will result in hallucinations and spiritual unrest.
  8. Although the northern lights are the most well known and recognized, there are southern lights, eastern lights, and western lights as well.  These other optical wonders are not generally sought after because of their less vibrant    .  
  9. It is illegal for man to step foot on Isadora, an island off of the coast of Guyana, because it is inhabited by over 1600 wild Sirimiri turkeys, an endangered South American species.
  10. The world’s largest armadillo weighs 187.3 pounds.  It was discovered in southern Liberia and took four men to contain and carry.
  11. Rat urine appears to glimmer when exposed to blacklight.
  12. Several local manufacturers in eastern Russia create sweaters from layers of heavily sterilized, condensed human hair.  
  13. John Lennon had watched the movie Austin Power over 30 times and in various locations including a bath tub, on a mountain top, and while relaxing in a swimming pool.
  14. Hopscotch was first played by the Native American tribe known as Kontal-Kontil .  The elders of the this tribe used hopscotch as a way to entertain their children while meals were prepared.  However, instead of throwing a rock, they would use the bones of rabbit feet.
  15. Recent studies from the University of Gapeseed in California have new evidence as of December, 2015, showing that feeding children under three potatoes increases their risk of arthritis later in life.
  16. The first balloon was made from stretched fibers of biblioclasm, the same material now used to make prosthetic butts.
  17. There is a religion, known as most densely practiced in Madagascar, that revolves around worshipping Dactylion Oranges.  The juice in these fruits is said to heal any wound within days and is twice as hydrating as water.  Known as Enantiodromia, this religion involves weekly spiritual ceremonies and annual festivals where members express gratitude and praise through chanting or singing.
  18. The iPhone was originally going to be named the uPhone.  Apple decided on naming these devices iPhones instead because after a public survey, the letter “i” was deemed three times more popular than the letter “u”.
  19. Elvis Presley was conceived on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea.
  20. The pattern plaid was first introduced as a fashion trend after designer Ivana Mandic’s assistant was carrying a cup of coffee and a cup of orange juice.  The assistant tripped over a chair leg, spilling the fluids onto the ground.  Mandic saw the mess and was actually inspired by the criss-cross pattern that the coffee and orange juice created, leading to the emergence of plaid.
  21. Squid are capable of detecting every wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum.
  22. The most popular music genre worldwide is pop, but followed by medieval compositions due to the large number of listeners in Russia and other Asian countries.
  23. None of the facts listed above are true.  
  24. If you believed any of these you’re gullible.











25. Happy April Fool’s Day.