Examining the World, A look at Jesus on Trial


JOT “business card”

Sindy Liu, Staff Writer

There are many after school activities one could go to. Among all of them, there’s JOT, otherwise known as Jesus on Trial. While it may sound like you have to be Christian to be able to get involved, that is not the case. JOT provides a space for students to examine Christianity and to seek for the truth they believe in. Facilitated by teachers Mr. Shawn Davis and Mr. Robert Fillmann, they discuss problems that we all have as human beings, such as why is it people do the things they do and what do they feel when they do. It’s about being able to feel comfortable with others.

JOT first started 4 years ago, by Mr. Davis and Mr. Fillmann. “We just wanted a place where kids could come and talk about issues of faith in an environment where people of many points of view would be welcomed.” said Davis. JOT is about being able to express yourself and having the freedom to be whoever you want. People of different beliefs could come and understand each other. It offers an opportunity to meet people of different backgrounds. “I like getting to know people who are different from myself, so I really enjoy the diversity,” said Fillmann, “I have a lot more to learn but I learn a lot more through other people.” In the past there have been atheists, Mormons, Hindus, and Muslims in addition to Christians.

Senior Maggie Rothrock has been in JOT for the whole 4 years and she says that it’s not about converting into a religion. She said, “It’s been really cool to meet other people I wouldn’t have met otherwise and we’ve talked about really deep things so I’ve gotten to know people from a different perspective than I would have.”

JOT meets every Friday from 3:30 to 4:30 in the North Library.