Fantasy Football- Bringing People Together, or Tearing Them Apart?

Justin Korman editing his fantasy football team.

Mike Hopp

Justin Korman editing his fantasy football team.

Mike Hopp, Staff Writer

Everyone at State High has mixed opinions on fantasy football, whether or not you should play, how many leagues to be in, who to play with, who to pick, and when. However, there is one important question that everyone skips over: does fantasy football really bring us together, or does it tear us apart?

Josh Miller, State High junior, said,“In my opinion, this experience has formed a closer bond with friends due to the competitive and thrilling nature of fantasy football.” Miller further said, “Fantasy football has indeed given me more to talk about because friends don’t talk small talk; they talk fantasy football.” One side of the debate believes that fantasy can gives friends, acquaintances and even family members more to talk about. They can share their opinions on positions, players and even their competitors. Fantasy football is an excellent outlet to mock your friends while your team is winning. Unfortunately, there is also a much more negative spin on fantasy football. “I would have loved to join but I was not invited into the league” said junior Katherine Groves. This kind of resentment amongst friends can create feelings of betrayal and dislike for each other. It can also be negative for those in league together, as the participants say things they may regret. “I regularly exclaim to other participants that their teams suck,” Miller disclosed, “the smack talk/trash talk has reached unprecedented heights.” This new, heightened level of disrespect towards friends has caused rifts between them and continues to destroy originally long lasting friendships.

Fantasy football is continuously debated, whether students should be allowed to play or not, who to pick, who to play with and many others. In the end, does it bring friends closer together, or does it tear them apart? There is a positive side, where some believe that the benefit of having an extra topic of conversation with the added fun of jokingly mocking each other, can build comradery and friendships. There is also a more negative opinion that fantasy football actually hurts friendships and friends can exclude others from their leagues. Those shared in the leagues may be rude, and say insulting comments that may offend their league mates. Overall, when played nicely, fantasy football can be a fun and interesting game that brings people closer together, but when used inconsiderately,  it can hurt feelings and ruin friendships.