Fan Hard, Play Hard

Helena Haynes, Staff Writer

From the explosive cheering of the crowd, to the notable stand tunes from the marching band, everything about the Friday night football games is full of excitement and school spirit. With a 9-1 season, the varsity football team has been almost unstoppable. Even after a disappointing loss to Central Dauphin, players are still very positive about the season as a whole and ready to take on playoffs. “I just feel a lot of excitement going into our first playoff game mostly because I can’t wait to show people how we can bounce back as a team after last weeks loss,” said senior defensive tackle, Kam’ron Walker. Over the past two months, the football season has been in full swing and players, as well as students, have been fully immersed in the sport.

Monday through Thursday the varsity team practices after school for hours, working on their football skills and technique. Since players put so much time into the sport, it can be hard to balance football with school work, and time spent with friends and family. “I balance them by order of importance, Family, School, then Football,” said Walker. Even with so much going on in player’s lives, the hard work and dedication they put in always pays off when they get to step onto the field for a game.

The excitement of the games is not just felt by football players, but also by students. The student section is packed for every Friday night football game and students “Stand Together” supporting their team. Previously the student section was mostly inhabited by juniors and seniors but after the “Stand Together” movement that started last school year, the stands have more spirit than ever before. “I think it’s great that the student body is able to come out and support their fellow classmates. Coming together and showing our school spirit really motivates the athletes,” said Ben Renfrew, senior. The theme that each game has contributes greatly to the atmosphere of the games. From being decked out in leis and Hawaiian shirts, to wearing every neon clothing item in your closet, every game is very unique. The student section always tries their best to motivate the players. “They give the whole team a confidence boost when we hear their excitement after a big play,” said Walker.

Even though the last home game didn’t have quite the desired outcome, players and students are still proud of how well the team has been doing this season. In the end it’s not all about winning, it’s about having fun and enjoying the sport with people on the team. “My favorite part about playing for State High is the relationships I’ve built over the years with my teammates and coaches,” said Walker. The team continues to work hard as they head into playoffs on Saturday against Erie McDowell.