Senior Night Success


Sierra Hockenbury, Staff Writer

As fall sports come to a close, teams traditionally dedicate the night of the last home game to its seniors. Sometimes involving a display of enlarged pictures of their faces and special treats, the teams try to show their respect and gratitude towards them. On Friday, October 6th, the girl’s field hockey team held their senior night at Memorial Field against Central Dauphin. The girls eagerly warmed up for the big game. Senior Sydney Asencio said, “On gameday, we usually like to bring each other’s spirits up while staying focused on the task at hand.” Positive reinforcement is extremely important to the field hockey team, at practice and on game days alike. “Being able to be on a team where everyone is friends and works well together is something really special,” said senior Lily Dochat, “We joke around and make sure that we are having fun and getting pumped up.”

Being a senior on a team is often seen as a sign of leadership and responsibility. Dochat said, “It’s our job to make sure the team is going in the right direction throughout the season.” It can be difficult because the seniors “have to aid other players in learning and growing in the game, while taking on more tedious responsibilities,” said Asencio.

Both Asencio and Dochat have been playing field hockey since middle school and throughout their entire high school careers. It is a very team oriented sport with a fun and positive atmosphere. Asencio enjoys the sport because, “there’s always room for improvement” and “there are countless new skills to learn.” The girls’ enjoyment and dedication to the team makes a huge difference during the season.

The girl’s field hockey team fell short to Central Dauphin 3-4, making their overall record so far 7-9.

Senior night was truly meaningful to the girls on the team. “It gives us a chance to feel like we are wrapping up our season together,” said Dochat. Asencio compared it to a graduation “of something that means a lot to [her].” Before the girls move on to a new chapter in their lives, senior night shows them how important they are and how missed they will be.