State High Boy’s Cross Country Victorious on Senior Night


Jayland Smith, Reporter

Cloudy skies and high humidity along with seventy-eight degree weather gave an ominous vibe to the State High’s home course at CircleVille park, Monday, October 9, 2017. The Teams who competed were our own State College Area High’s boys team and Altoona High’s boys team.

State High’s own Mitchell Etter (Senior) completed the 5,000 kilometer course first and State High’s Owen Isham ( Junior) closed the top five spot.

State High gained their another win for the  2017 season with 27 points, with Altona’s team coming in second with a total of 29 points.  The team with lowest score wins the meet, how many points you get depends on where you placed in the meet, with the higher you place in the meet he lower the points you get and the lower you place the more points you get. The point system starts out at one and goes up to how many runners are in the race.

The State High Boys celebrated their senior night after the meet honoring 22 seniors, John Arrington, Nicholas Banerjee, Erik Boethius, Jared Bowman, Brent Carpenter, Dan Cullin, Nathaniel Dutt, Michelle Etter, Sean Farahani, Preston Gardner, Joe Getgen, Ari Gluckman, John Hardy, Garrett Hollowell, Sam Horn, Calvin Kroczynski, Shane Kilbride, Joe Leahey, Jacob Liechty, Bryce Parkinson  and Zach Rickley.  The boys shared how long they were a part of the team, their future goals after high school, how they spend their free time and their favorite cross country memory.

“ My favorite cross country memory was when  Zach Rickley got lost in the middle of the woods on our seven mile run. We split up into two groups to find him, group one found him shortly after splitting up while group  two ended getting lost themselves on the other side of the woods for about an hour,”Hollowell said.

From another win of the to an emotional senior night, this meet marked another highlight for the 2017 season. The boys will enter the Mid-Penn Championships on October 14th with just three games left into the season.