Skating Towards Their Goal


At the start of the hockey game on Thursday evening, two center players from each team engage in a face off. Braden Wandrisco, junior, played center for State High. “My position requires a mix of offensive and defensive plays. The center position leads the offensive rushes and is an all-around player in the defensive zone,” Wandrisco said.

Olivia Zhang, Staff Writer

On the evening of Thursday, October 26th, the State High ice hockey team played their first game of the 2017 season against Derry High School in Pegula Ice Arena. State High ended up winning 3-0, a successful result after two months of hard work. “We started practicing since the end of August. We also did some off-ice work over the summer,” center Braden Wandrisco said.

During the first period of the game, State High got penalized twice and came extremely close to scoring on multiple occasions, but failed thanks to the efforts of Derry’s goalie. The first period ended with a score of 0-0. State High scored first halfway through the second period of the game, thirty-five seconds after Derry received a penalty.  

State High scored again with only one minute left in the second period, and scored their last goal with five minutes left in the third period, winning the game 3-0. “The best moment was when we won. It was good to see everyone happy, and all their hard work paid off. Scoring the goals is exciting, everyone becomes pumped when we do so,” Wandrisco said.

The team’s goal for this season is to make the playoffs. “I do believe we can make it if everyone works hard,” Wandrisco said. “Every player on the team gives 100% and works toward their goal. Each teammate, whether it’s the fourth line or the first, has their own role on the team, so it is important to have each player give their all every game.”