Ballin’ in Silence


State High Boys Basketball players convene during the Silent Night game to discuss in-game adjustments. “Our focus and ball movement was great”, said senior Brandon Clark (15). The win added to the team’s five game winning streak.

Payton Treaster, Staff Writer

With the holiday season influencing almost every aspect of society, a seasonal “Silent Night” basketball game should not come as a surprise. Holiday themed events always seem to intrigue a large crowd. A silent night game is a basketball game in which the first ten points, the audience stays silent. The aspect created a sense of anticipation for both the players and the audience watching. It was a promotional event for the basketball team and got more participants at the game.

Coach Walker, said, “A silent night game is a promotional night and anytime there is a promotion there is a bigger audience and gets the boys hyped up.” A bigger crowd is always an important aspect of any sports game; it provides a momentum increase which is crucial for the players. A crowd can even help their teams defense out by psyching out the opposing team.

The game was played against Chambersburg Area High School. Walker said, “The team was looking at film and analyzing the skills used to see what is best in terms of the other teams moves.” This paid off, as the game ended with a score of 57-49, State High taking the win. Senior Brandon Clark explained before the game,“I’m not worried about opponents looking at their past games, Chambersburg only beat Mifflin County by two points and we beat them by like 30.” Clark’s prediction was correct as the State High Boys did beat Chambersburg, although it was not quite as great of a gap.