State High Wrestlers Reflect on their Careers

Owen Ache

With wrestling season coming to an conclusion, it also means it’s the end of the road for the Seniors who have been hitting the mats for State High for the last four years. With all the time devoted to practicing and competing, it has taught Seniors Jackson Heasley and Ryan Kunz many lessons through the years. “I’ve learned to be a harder worker, a better teammate and to appreciate the little things in life because the sport is so unforgiving” says Kunz. Heasley adds “Wrestling at State College has taught me how to be a blue collar man.”

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Even though the season hasn’t exactly gone to plan, with State College accumulating a record just of 2-9 and a league record of 1-5, there was no time to dwell as the Seniors have made many fond memories through the years. “My favorite memory was when Jon Raco was pinned in 8 seconds during my sophomore year” Heasley said. “It was one of the quickest matches I have ever seen.” Kunz then added “My favorite memory was my first varsity win last year vs Jersey Shore.”

Even though many don’t see what goes behind the scenes during a wrestling season, it’s very special for the ones who are behind it. “Being apart of the wrestling team has been like a second family over the past few years, I’ve know these guys for years and they are more than teammates to me now” says Kunz. Heasley adds “The wrestling team has meant a lot to all of the seniors for the past few years. The sport itself may be an individual sport, however we are very close as a team. It has meant a lot, because we are a close-knit group.”