Great Comeback State High Ice Hockey Team

Jun Mok

On the first day of March, State High’s Ice Hockey team had a game at Ice Pegula at 7 p.m. against Central Cambria high school. State High Ice Hockey players were warming up  before the match. A total of 14 players played the March 1st game.


In the first period, Central Cambria led State high by 3 points in 4 minutes. State High’s Michael Moscone scored 12:30 into the game and the whole team cheered him and the rest of the team  on to catch up their opponent’s score.

As they wished , State High scored 3 points in a row in the second period; Robert Zimmerman, Mark Reinhard, and Cameron Mccurdy scored.


The team got passionate after the second period and scored the final goal in the beginning of the third period. As Stephen Maher scored and made the total score to 5-3, State High predicted they would win.

Rob Zimmerman, the manger and the player at the same time said, “We won. The score for the March 1st game was 5-4. Me, McCurdy, Maher, Moscone, Rinehart( Seniors) We had a hard time in the beginning, but we came back from the second quarter and we won.”