The Future of Government

Alex Voight-Shelley, Staff Writer

The student government simulation is an opportunity for the students of State High to test out their political skills. The student government meets together to help students learn about the intricacies of government and politics. Senior Bram Nealon is looking towards a future career in government. “I think the role of the government is to make people’s lives better, so what attracts me about government is the ability to help large numbers of people on such a grand scale,” Nealon participates in the government simulations at State High, the most recent being the Model U.N simulation. At Model U.N, students role play different countries in order to learn about how to govern them. Students master diplomacy through communications, all through a professional but fun setting.

“My favorite part of simulations in general is getting to broaden my horizons and get to think from someone else’s perspective,” Nealon said. He enjoys the simulations because of the debate and opinionated discussions. He is fond of meeting new people and being in an environment where everyone is determined to have a future in government. He thinks that being in a simulated government environment is a great way to learn and experience other people’s opinions and politics.

Nealon said, “I think the best way to learn about government is to take an active role in it. Getting to participate in even a simulated version of the political process is a great first step towards any sort of post secondary political career.”