Girl’s Winter Indoor Track Ended With Silver

Olivia Zhang, Staff writer

Starting on December 16th, female athletes from Track and Field began their practice for 2017-2018 season’s indoor track competition. After two months of hard work, competitors won silver place at the Pennsylvania Track and Field Coaches Association’s 28th annual indoor track Carnival.

Athletes gathered in the north gym after school for two and half hour practices everyday. They practiced the meter and mile run, delay run, long jump, and pole vault for the State meet competition in February. Team practice and individual practice both occured on on weekdays and weekends. The team’s goal for the winter season was to try do their best at the State meet. “Once you step up to the line you have to know that you’ve done the work to deserve that spot among other esteemed and accomplished runners,” Emma Simon, Junior, said. The entire season practice went well with all of the athletes’ and coaches’ efforts.  

On February 25th, indoor track athletes went to Penn State Horace Ashenfelter III indoor track for the state meet. The state meet started at ten in the morning. “We were nervous for states because of the high level of competition, but we were confident in our abilities and our training. In the end, the confidence seemed to overpower the fear,” Simon said.

Simon’s favorite part about the meet was the time when she was waiting with her teammates and they realized they had medaled. “The hardest part is watching your teammates run after you hand off the baton because you no longer have any control; all you can do is trust them,” Simon said.

During the athlete’s entire season of practicing, coach Evans saw the athletes’  efforts. “Overall, I just wanted everyone to have fun, and to learn about their bodies, and to get into a competition, an event where you learn about yourself in those moments,” Coach Evans said. She was proud of the team and all the work they had done to try to do their best.

Winter season indoor track is not the end. Athletes will continue their Spring track and keep practicing for the next competition.