The Airbenders Become All-Inclusive

Alex Voight-Shelley, Staff Writer

The State High Ultimate Frisbee program is co-ed for the first time since the club began, and now both girls and boys can participate in all aspects of the game. “I am pretty excited to be able to play ultimate now that it’s co-ed, as I was trying to put together a boys team but not having too much success with SCASD administration,” said sophomore Alex Mullen, who has been playing for over three years now. Brian Rowan, the coach for the ultimate team, was Mullen’s 7th and 8th grade teacher and he encouraged his students to try it out.

The ultimate team captain was able to make the team co-ed. “Ultimate was made co-ed this year because of the participation in the co-ed scrimmages last year and because of feedback that we heard from people this year,” said junior Alli Ross, the captain of the ultimate team. “For the past few years, we have been considering making ultimate co-ed, and last year’s scrimmages were like a trial run.” Ross believes that ultimate is a great way to get outside and exercise with friends. “My favorite part of ultimate is the atmosphere of the club. I love how supportive the team is and how scrimmages can be competitive and exhilarating.”

The frisbee team meets at community park after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 5:30 PM, and there are optional scrimmages on Mondays. No experience is necessary and there are no try outs. Sophomore Eliza Osterling is playing ultimate for the first time this year. “I’ve heard many positive experiences about ultimate frisbee and I wanted to do something active after school that would be fun but not too competitive,” Osterling said. She is excited to join her friends and learn the skills of the game. “I have many friends in ultimate frisbee that did it last year and they all had a great experience and were super excited to start again this spring.” For everyone who enjoys a relaxed but competitive environment, ultimate frisbee club is the perfect place to be.