Spiking The Scoreboard: Boys Volleyball preview


Zack Sherman, sophomore, spikes the ball to score for State High against Chambersburg. Teammates Arif Demirci, sophomore, and Willem Duiker and Sam Krantweiss, juniors are also pictured supporting Sherman as he jumps to hit the ball. “The strength of the team is the attitude we have throughout the game when we’re cheering each other on,” said Sherman.

Tuna Safak, Staff

State College Boys’ Junior Varsity Volleyball defeated Chambersburg on Tuesday, 2-1. The beginning of the season shows the growth from last year and the strive for greatness as the team continues its legacy of success.

“This year they are a large junior class,” said coach Kimely Kimel. “I think we had a really good show at the Cambridge tournament [during preseason],  I think those early tournaments are always a bit nerve racking, but we made it to the final round there, and it was good to start to sort of set the tone on how we want to compete for the season.”

With only a handful of seniors the team won’t have to make drastic changes for next season. “I think we are a really good sized team,” said Kimel. “We are relatively young and we have got  lot of size who are real presences at the net. They’re hard to get around in terms of blocking and we have a lot of power there too.”

Another factor to their gameday success is the friendships the team makes on and off the court and the belief they have in themselves to do great things.

“The biggest strength of the team is the attitude we have throughout the game when we’re cheering each other on,” said junior Austin Keene.

The team’s genuine friendship with each other off the court is what has helped them to overcome some of their challenges in their game. “We have struggled with talking on the court but that’s one thing that we can fix with some work,” said sophomore Zack Sherman.

State High’s Boys’ Volleyball team has the right attitude and commitment to make it a season to remember. Zachary Sherman said, “We are a great team and we are all expecting to turn some heads this year.”