State High Softball’s Chase For The Title


Kaylee Richards

Head Coach Jim Schaper coaches the girls softball team on April 20th. With weeks left in the season, he knows the importance of zoning in and putting together a championship team.

Kaylee Richards, Staff Writer

After a week full of game cancellations due to inclement weather, the State High Varsity Softball team played a home game on Friday versus Cedar Cliff.

Unfortunately, the team took a loss at the hands of Cedar Cliff, with a final score of 20-2.

Although State High currently holds a record of 2 wins and 6 losses, they are determined to keep their heads up and persevere. “We are really trying to stay positive and focus on what’s to come. We are trying to point out the negatives in our game and improve on those,” McKenzie Shannon, sophomore, said.

Cedar Cliff hails from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. They had many successful seasons, coming in second place at the state championships last year. “They are pretty good [players] and are super aggressive,” State High head coach Jim Schaper said.

The team has experienced multiple injuries this season, presenting numerous challenges for the girls to overcome. “We’re abiding our time until we can get healthy,” Schaper said. “Our whole [goal] with the first half of the season is to try and see what we have and get as many people in the games as possible. We have to get ready for the second half of the season and ready to win the district title.”

Sophia Keene, sophomore, has been out with an inflamed UCL since early this season. Despite injury, Keene knows that district championships are approaching and that the team must be ready. “The [losses] don’t matter now. What matters is we get to districts and take the title,” Keene said.

State High is making their best attempt at trying to disregard all of their struggles and be optimistic about future competition. This week, the team has a packed schedule. They will play three games and participate in the Big Spring Tournament on Saturday. With most of their season still ahead of them, the team will stay positive in their chase for the district championship.