Saving the Earth One Day at a Time

Katelyn James

Adedayo Olorunnisola
Earth Day is when we show our appreciation for the Earth by helping to clean it. If everyone did something little every day, it would make a huge difference to our environment. Senior Hayleigh Harpster said, “Earth Day is not necessarily a holiday, but it is a special day. In school we used to talk about what we can do to reduce waste.” Some people pick up trash, recycle, take a day off from electronics, and plant seeds to recognize Earth Day.

Earth Day is a day where people get together, and try to do a good thing to help improve the environment. Big or small, these little actions make our world a better place. However, some people act as if this day is nothing special, and choose to ignore it. While others work to make a change throughout the community by helping to clean up our earth. Many people clean up trash near popular places, but there are also simpler options. Families may just go a day without electronics, or go for a hike in nature.

Saying that Earth Day is a special day, can help convince people to take action. One of the most common things to do on Earth Day is recycle. If everyone did that, it would make a big advancement to today’s environment. If we just take one day of the year and help clean our Earth, it’s going to make a difference.

Will Lundy, junior, said, “I pick up trash around my neighborhood for Earth Day.” Even small gestures like this can improve our environment. “Although I take Earth Day seriously, unfortunately most people do not. I consider this day to be an occasion, but not a holiday,” Lundy added.

Nathaniel Helton, sophomore, said, “In elementary school we learned about Earth Day, and what we can do to improve our Earth. One of the easiest things that we can do everyday to enhance our Earth is recycle.”

James Hanagan, senior, said, “Earth day is a holiday that is written off. It’s written off by people because all holidays that we do special things for, stay with us longer,” Hanagan also said “What you do on Earth Day, you should do every day of the year.” Many people are in alignment with Hanagan’s claims. If we do something little every day of the year, it could transform the Earth’s environment. That’s why Earth Day is such an important day, and should not be written off by people.