Playing the Last Boys Volleyball Home game


Olivia Zhang, Staff writer

The last boys’ volleyball home game of the season was on Friday, May 4th against Maplewood High School. State High  was off to a good start on the first set, but ended with a two to three loss.

State High won the first and third sets, but only a two point difference during the second set led to a loss. The last set became intense after the two teams had tied two to two. It was hard to tell which team would win the last one because both team were strong. State High athletes played the last set with a strong effort, but Maplewood’s team reached 15 points first. “We went into the game hoping to win and expecting it to be tough,” junior Quinn Williams said.

During the game, the points between two teams fluctuated. “We knew that Maplewood was going to be a strong team and so we expected a good match,” junior Ryan Kustaborder said.  

Looking back on the season, State High had many achievements. The last two home games against Carlisle and Chambersburg both turned out as wins for State High. “We have definitely seen huge improvements in how we have played throughout the season,” Kustaborder said.

After the game with Maplewood, the boys’ volleyball team has three more games against Hempfield, Bishop Guilfoyle, and Cambridge in the following week through Wednesday. Our big goal for this season is to win districts and we have been working towards that every day in practice,” Williams said.