What is your favorite lunch?


Kayla Shaw, 12th grade, eating a bagel with cream cheese. Kayla packs lunch.  

David Galchenko, Staff Writer

When you ask a child in elementary school what their favorite subject is, you will most likely get the answer of recess or lunch. For some, lunch still may be a favorite subject. In our school we are lucky to have a big variety of different lunches. But what is the common favorite?  

Some of the different lunches that our food court has include Stir Fry Bar, Burrito Bar, Sandwich Line, Pizza and Pasta Line, Deli and Subs Bar, Chicken Bar, and even fresh hot soups!

When asked, the most common answer was the Stir Fry Bar, and the Burrito Bar. Among other top favorites were the Deli Bar and the Pizza Line. This would include the pasta, as well as the pizza.

Two out of five ninth graders said that their favorite lunch was the Pizza Line, and three out five said that their favorite lunch was the Burrito Bar. “The best part about State High’s food is the fact that it is actually food, and their Burrito Bar is amazing!” said Brandon Sliman 9th grade. Two out of three tenth graders said that the Stir Fry Bar was their favorite, but that it tied with the Deli Bar. One out of two juniors said that their favorite food was the Stir Fry Bar tied with the Burrito Bar, the other half packs lunch from home. ½ seniors pack lunch from home, and the other half has no preferred lunch.