PSU is Feeling Blue


Photo courtesy Pam Kraycik

Quarterback, Trace Mcsorley, and Running Back, Mark Allen run while making a play in the Ohio State game. The game was Penn State versus Ohio State at Beaver Stadium. The final score was 27-26. Penn State lost by one point in the last seven minutes of the game.

Alexa Webb, Staff Writer

In the last few weeks, Penn State has lost two of their most crucial football games of the season against their rivalry teams, Ohio State and Michigan State. Penn State is known for being one of the best football programs in the country and currently ranked 18 out of 100 teams. So when Penn State lost these important games, fans were shocked and upset. Penn State’s game against Ohio State on September 29, 2018, was at their home field, Beaver Stadium, with thousands of fans cheering in support of their favorite team. The majority of the game was spent in Penn State’s favor. By halftime, Penn State was leading 10-7. As the game was coming to an end, Ohio State threw two touchdowns, giving them a one-point lead over PSU (27-26). Penn State’s last chance to win the game was blown with a play called by James Franklin. Franklin called for Quarterback, Trace Mcsorley to hand off the ball to Running Back, Miles Sanders. In the end, Sanders was tackled by Chase Young (Ohio State’s defensive end), leaving Penn State with not only an incomplete first down but, a loss of the game. This was just one of Penn State’s disappointing losses this season.

Penn State’s most recent loss was to Michigan State. This game took place at Beaver Stadium on October 13, 2018. From the start, Penn State showed their intense passion and outstanding athletic performance that help them win their games. The first quarter was led by Penn State with a score of 7-0. By halftime, the score was 14-7 with Penn State leading. The first half of the game was promising for Penn State, but by the second half, Michigan State came back with a new mindset. Michigan State scored two touchdowns and held Penn State to only one field goal. With 19 seconds left, Quarterback, Brian Lewerke made a 25-yard touchdown pass to win the game. Yet again, Penn State took another loss with just minutes left in the game. So the question remains: what is going on with Penn State football and what does this mean for their team and fans?

There are many different opinions as to what the football community suspects is occurring with PSU football. One relevant and important opinion is that of James Franklin (PSU football coach). James Franklin stated at his press conference after the Ohio State versus Penn State game that there were many problems with how the team played the game. He says that Penn State didn’t take advantage of their opportunities to kick field goals when they should have. The team thought that in a difficult and high profile game like this one, they would need big plays like touchdowns, to win. Another flaw was Penn State’s large amount of fumbles and “small plays” that occurred. Overall, they lost by one point to Ohio State for the second year in a row and fans feel that something needs to change.

Franklin’s second speech was followed after the Michigan State versus Penn State game. James Franklin says that Michigan State was able to run the ball on first downs, which ended up hurting PSU later in the game. They had fewer penalties than PSU (6 penalties, 41 yards for PSU compared to 3 penalties for Michigan State). The opinions of James Franklin and other members of the PSU football team are popular in the two games lost to Ohio State and Michigan State. But what are the opinions and emotions of the fans of PSU football?

“I think the coaching could have been better and the defense could have put more pressure on the opposing teams when they had the ball”, junior Jessica Lose said.

A good defense is crucial to a football game. Without an effective defense, the opposing team will gain touchdowns and result in a loss. If Penn State’s defense would have put more pressure on the ball and was more careful with their penalties and fumbles, Penn State could have won the games.

“I felt the greatest disappointment of my life. There was absolutely no reason Penn State should have lost. We were favored to win the second year in a row. I think PSU should have gotten their head in the game and gone with their gut. Franklin also made some terrible calls and the defense needs some improvement”, junior Annabelle Johns said.

Many fans of PSU football were devastated to lose to teams that were believed to be beatable for Penn State. A popular opinion is that the defense lacked focus extremely in both games. They weren’t focused and questioned their plays often. These small things contributed to PSU’s losses.

“I was upset with losing back to back but, I think they’re going to bounce back”, senior Cohen Russell said.

Even though fans feel heartbroken over the two critical games that PSU lost, they know their team is not finished with their season. Fans are confident that PSU will make a comeback and win many games in the near future. Although Penn State lost, the team will work hard to improve.