Boys Soccer Draws 1-1 With Chambersburg.


Photo By: David Galchenko

#9 Ben Stefanovich, scored the one point in the game against Chambersburg. Ben said, “ We did pretty well today, I think we could have done better, but it turned out ok.” Ben is a senior, playing for the Boys Varsity Soccer Team.

David Galchenko, Staff Writer

On Thursday, October 11, the State Highs Boys Varsity Soccer Team played the Chambersburg Trojans. The first ten minutes went on without a single goal. Then, out of nowhere, #9 from the Little Lions, Ben Stefanovich, 12th grade, scored a fantastic opening goal, making the score 1-0. The score stayed frozen like this until the second half of the game. With about 15 minutes left until the end of the game, #27 Kenan Korkutovic, from the Chambersburg Trojans, scored tying the score 1-1. Even though two time periods were added, (each of which was 10 minutes long), the score remained the same. The game ended with a nail-biting score of 1-1.

When asked how he felt about the tie and the game in general, Villi Snejko, grade 11, said that “I think that the guys did pretty well, if you take into account the fact that last time we lost to them. But I think that we could have done better.”

Peter Galchenko, a spectator of the game said, “This isn’t exactly World Cup level, but for their age, these guys are quite good. They just have to play more vigorously.”

In all our team did pretty well. The last time we played Chambersburg we lost, and even though we might have wanted a win, a tie is not that bad. Especially since we were first to score. Go State!