Dresyn Green- Student Athlete Player of the Week


Photo Courtesy of Dresyn Green

Dresyn Green, sophomore, rushing football up the field. “[I] am happy that I was recognized considering that I am just a sophomore.” Green said. He was recognized for being the Week 8 Mid-Penn Conference Football Player of the Week. He found that the opportunity of getting recognition from this could help him in the long run.

Carsyn Spencer, Staff Writer

Each week, players of the Mid-Penn Conference are nominated to be recognized as a player of the week in their division. In week 8, Dresyn Green, running back for State High, was nominated as one of the 12 players up for the title. This made him the first player from State High to win this year.


Final Tallies:

Dresyn Green, State College – 4,968

JeQuest Garced, Susquehanna Twp. – 4,341

Hunter Campbell, East Pennsboro – 599

Noah Wright, Mifflin County – 524

Odell Greene, Middletown – 291

Jay Alvarez, Waynesboro – 246

Shawn Brown, CD East – 214

Adam Burkhart, Central Dauphin – 191

Naeem Cross, Milton Hershey – 119

Jaheim Morris, Cedar Cliff – 81

Greg LaBine, Camp Hill – 52

Adam Houser, Shippensburg – 22

Total votes: 11,648


PennLive put out that Green was a candidate for the Week 8 Player of the Week because of his carrying 15 times, 150 yards and a pivotal 58-yard scoring run against Central Daulphin. Also adding 3 receptions for 61 yards and a score.

Green realized he could get much recognition, with this title. The word could be put out about the kind of threat he is to the opposing team.

He said “It helps me get more recognition because I am only a sophomore. People usually don’t talk about lower classmen when it comes to football. It also gives people a good idea for who to look out for next season.”

He made sure it was known that he is not a one-man show. He has said that he “wouldn’t have been able to do it without his team, especially his offensive line.”

Not only did Green recognize his team for all they do, but he also pointed out the effect his friends and family have on how he plays.

“My mom is my biggest fan. I don’t know what’d I would do without her. She gives me so much hope. I also would like to give a lot of credit to my close family and friends because they push me to keep being the best I can be.” Friends and family are what keeps him motivated the going through the tough times you go through when playing a sport.

With all the success Green has had within his high school career so far, he still has 2 seasons left to play for State High and is planning to make the best of them. He has goals he wants to meet. His main goal is to make it to the NFL, but he realizes that he has to start at the beginning and work hard to get a scholarship to a division 1 school by staying on top on his academic responsibilities and athletic opportunities.