Is Everything Pumpkin Spice Nice?


Photo by Abby Reed

Pumpkin spice foods, such as these waffles (pictured above), are filling the aisles of stores this time of year. Lauren Lieb, sophomore, shares her thoughts about the flavor. “I love pumpkin spice because it can be incorporated into a lot of different products, specifically food, It tastes good and is a good way to embrace the season.”

Abby Reed, Staff Writer

Fall is finally here and that means it’s pumpkin spice season. This is especially apparent when you walk into Trader Joe’s, as the aisles are stocked with a wide variety of pumpkin spice products. You can find everything from pumpkin spice cookies to pumpkin tortilla chips. Similarly, Starbucks carries many pumpkin spice drinks including the famous pumpkin spice latte. But how much pumpkin spice is too much?

One fan of pumpkin spice products is sophomore Hope Petrosky. “I enjoy pumpkin spice because it really allows me to get into that fall aesthetic; autumn is my favorite season. I could really go for pumpkin spice bread any day, especially if it’s warm and right out of the oven. Oh, and I have to, of course, have some pumpkin spice tea to accompany the bread,” Petrosky said. 

Lauren Lieb, sophomore, also enjoys pumpkin spice. However, she believes that there are some products that shouldn’t have this flavor. “I personally think that once you start using things like pumpkin spice tissues you’ve gone too far, but it’s really good in food,” Lieb said.  

I’m a fan of pumpkin spice as it is a delicious flavor and gets me in the spirit of fall. However, some items emerging from this pumpkin spice craze seem unnecessary. For example, who really needs pumpkin spice dog treats or pumpkin spice toothpaste? While you won’t find these items in my shopping cart, I’ll still be enjoying my pumpkin spice waffles this fall.