Adopt or Shop?


It’s important to realize the need sheltered dogs have for a loving home. “All anyone needs whether furry or not, is love,” Maya Ikenberry said.

Jacqueline Lawrence , Staff Writer

Many of us own pets, but we don’t take into consideration the importance of where we get them. The backgrounds of our pets are so important to think about and know for future furry companions. Many animals, dogs specifically, come from either a breeder or shelter. Over 2 million dogs are bred and bought each year, whereas 7.6 million are sheltered each year and only 3.3 million are adopted from that whopping 7.6.

Maya Ikenberry, freshman, said, “My dog is from a breeder. But when getting a dog from a breeder, it depends on the breeder. You don’t want the dogs to be abused in the breeding process, like a puppy mill; I do not support those. If it’s a breeder that has good morals then I think it’s okay. My family and I adopted a dog named Riley, he was two years old and he was abused. He was a wreck to take care of. It depends on what you can handle that as an owner of an adopted dog, if you can then go for it and help save a life.” Dog owners need to be able to take on full responsibility and attention when adopting.  

“My dog is from a breeder but I feel as if adoption is important and I will adopt in the future. A lot of sheltered dogs come from really bad and messed up environments. Why buy dogs when you can help free them from a really troubled life. It’s important to give any animal a better home. They are beings in this world, they have emotions just like you in me,” freshman Kate Lundy said.

Casey Higgins, freshman, said, “My dog is adopted; I volunteer at a dog shelter, when you see everything first hand in a shelter it’s so hard to come to. You realize that all these animals need is a little bit of love. A lot of people second guess adopted dogs because they instantly think that they will be bad from their past experiences. Once you sit down and just pet and get to know a sheltered dog, they will become your best friend. Just like you and me, all they need is a happy and safe environment.”

Based on these responses a lot of people agree that adopting is important. Though not many people adopt, they said they would in the future. All people have a basic realization of the importance of adoption but not all follow through with the process of adopting. Next time you’re thinking about getting a pet, think about giving a helpless pet a forever home. They will make your life better too; I promise!