Still Woozy: An Artist That Should Be in Everyone’s Playlists


Artist Sven Gamsky posing during a photoshoot. “When I get in the zone, I don’t think about the place I’m in,” Gamsky said.

Lexi Kranich, Staff Writer

Twenty-five-year-old Sven Gamsky is creating a unique style of music out of his garage in Oakland, California. As an artist, he goes by “Still Woozy.” He said the name resembles the “dreamy and out of it” feeling in his life. Prior to being Still Woozy, Sven Gamsky was in a rock band called Feed Me Jack, while he was an undergraduate student at UC-Santa Cruz. Gamsky and the band split up in 2016, six months after he came out with his first song, “Cooks.”

“I think I’m trying to make music that people can put on and feel like they’re connecting with me, but I’m not bumming them out too hard,” Sven Gamsky said in an interview with “There’s a suitable amount of melancholy mixed with self-deprecation, and also a general feeling that it’s going to be okay. It needs to feel like I’m connecting with someone or something. That’s living.”

What makes Gamsky’s music so special is his ability to have a soulful, intriguing sound, with funky guitar riffs, and jazzy vocals in this modernized electro-pop production. Gamsky has come out with seven singles in the past two years. Gamsky doesn’t like working on the same project for a long time, he wants his songs to be “real time,” to resemble his own progress. Whenever he finishes a song, he generally releases it within twenty-four hours.

His most popular song, “Goodie Bag,” totaled over four million Spotify streams, with nearly two million monthly listeners on Spotify, and features in four of Spotify’s created playlists. Sven Gamsky released “Habit” and “Lava” as the first two singles off his soon to be self-released EP, Lately. “I wrote ‘Lava’ after getting in a fight with the person I love. You feel multiple things in these moments, you feel the hurt and frustration of the fight, but you also feel the underlying love like an undercurrent that guides you back to your senses and your person,”  Gamsky said. Regardless of the subject behind the song, the music of Still Woozy flows with creative joy.

Keep an eye out for Still Woozy’s debut EP, Lately, due out on May 8.

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