Little Lions Girls’ Lacrosse Takes on The Red Land Patriots


Senior Sally Stahl works the ball down the field towards the Redland Patriots goal. Stahl, the lead scorer for the State High Little Lions girls lacrosse team has been recruited to play lacrosse at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. “I am very grateful to have the opportunity to go to UMass, especially to play lacrosse. . My advice I would give to other athletes looking to play at a collegiate level would be to not be afraid to put yourself out there, it is very clear who is playing with confidence and who isn’t,” Stahl said. The Little Lions can be seen next on Thursday the 18th at 5pm at Memorial Field against Lewisburg girls lacrosse team.

Emma Corby, Staff Writer

Last Thursday, April 11th, the State High Girl’s Little Lions lacrosse team faced off against the Red Land Patriots at Memorial Field. The Little Lions took their sixth win of the season, with a score of 21-11. This win set the team up for their following victory at Selinsgrove on Saturday, April 13th.

The starting line up included attackers Emily Hall, Maddie Tambroni, Sydney Washell, midfielders Sally Stahl, Alyssa Dunlap, Kayla Bennett, and Elaina Ohlson, and defenders Ashley Franks, Alison Houtz, Emma Kerber, and Clarre Porter, and goalkeeper Grace Jones.  Stahl, the team’s lead scorer, played fiercely throughout the first half of the game, earning the team their first goal only two minutes in. She went on to score five more goals in the first half, rounding out the score of 13-4 into halftime. “I think our team has been doing really well this season,” Stahl said. “After losing a lot of girls last year I was worried about how our chemistry would be like on the field, but we have all meshed really well. I think one area that can use some improvement would be our team defense. We have been able to score a lot, but we need to work on stopping the other team from scoring.” Stahl, who has been recruited to continue her lacrosse career at the University of Massachusetts Amherst gave some words of wisdom to athletes aspiring to compete at the collegiate level, “My advice would be to not be afraid to put yourself out there, it is very clear who is playing with confidence and who isn’t,” she said.

Goalkeeper Grace Jones spoke about her performance during the game and experience so far this season as a freshman on the varsity team. “It’s really cool because I’ve only played goalie for three weeks and it’s just really new to me,” Jones said. Jones, a longtime ice hockey player transitioned to lacrosse three years ago. Speaking of hockey and lacrosse, Jones said, “They’re actually a lot alike. I played hockey for so long the basics made a lot of sense to me because of hockey.”

 Jones, Stahl and the rest of the varsity team will compete in the Little Lion’s next game against Lewisburg at 5 pm on Thursday the 18th at Memorial Field.