Neon Lights on Friday Nights


by Auden Yurman

Senior Lokey Howell catches the football at the State High vs Hollidaysburg game. The final score was 42-7. “Hearing the crowd cheering everytime we made touchdowns felt really good,” Howell said. “It gave me more energy and excitement for the game!”

Alexa Webb, Staff Writer

State High’s Little Lions football team won their game on Friday against Hollidaysburg with an ending score of 42-7. The victory was one of many in State High football’s many wins through their schedule so far, with their game record being 3-0. As the players stormed the field, fluorescent colors of neon green, pink, and orange flooded the crowd. With screams of support and colorful signs cheering on State High players, the crowd was sure this game would be a win. State High students are sure that the team will do great this year in their many games, but how do the players of the football team feel? Was this game pure luck or will the season be a huge success? 

“I think the team is going to have a really bright future going into the rest of the season,” Dreyson Green, junior, said. “It is going to get more difficult game by game but we are going to fight through adversity to show how good we really are.” 

 The team is confident that the win against Hollidaysburg was just the beginning of a great season ahead of them. The players of the State High feel encouraged and ready to take on any challenge that approaches them in the rest of the season.

“Hearing the crowd cheering every time we made touchdowns felt really good,” Lokey Howell, senior, said. “It gave me more energy and excitement for the game.”

As the neon out game against Hollidaysburg proved, State High fans are undeniably supportive of their team and this only encourages players to do their very best. With the new field providing fans with a closer view of the players and a stronger voice from the stands, the football team feels stronger with the reinforcement. 

“It was amazing to see how the whole community came together to make Jack feel special on this night,” Lauren Torbic, senior, said. 

Another highlight from the neon out game was a fundraiser for a little boy with cancer named Jack. The first event of the night was when Jack ran with the football team onto the new big field. Jack also got to go into the student section with the State High girls’ soccer team as well as lead the band in a song. Jack got to do so many exciting things at the neon out football game and the community raised $2,000  for him. 

The neon out game was successful for the football team and all the activities for Jack. Going into State High Football’s season, the team feels confident in their abilities to win their games and have a fantastic season.