“The Bandito Tour” Comes to State College


Chyna Rodriguez

Drummer Josh Dun on the screens from a view of the stage from the second level.

Nico Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Twenty One Pilots performed live at the Bryce Jordan Center in State College on Friday, October 18 as part of The Bandito Tour — with special guests Misterwives. The Twenty One Pilots setlist consisted of twenty-one of their songs from several of their albums, including Blurryface, Vessel, and their newest album, Trench.

The show started with “Jumpsuit,” one of the two first songs released in the Trench album. The duo from Columbus, Ohio lit a black car on fire for dramatic affect during the performance of “Jumpsuit” and the concert was aided by a bright, colorful light show.

The audience cheered practically the entire way through the concert, but the speakers still overpowered their excited screams. Everyone from children to teenagers to adults attended, most of them dressed in the band’s Trench or Blurryface color scheme. With their black clothes, some fans wore yellow duct tape, beanies, bandanas, merchandise, and some even had tattoos of the relatively new mascot, Ned, to represent Trench, as the Trench theme accent was the color yellow. Others wore red clothing items to represent Blurryface, as the Blurryface theme accent was the color red. Some fans on the floor held up signs reading things like “I’M HERE FOR JENNA,” Tyler Joseph’s wife, or “BABY BANDITO,” the recent term for very young Twenty One Pilots fans.

Close to the end of the night, the duo had the audience sing the part of their song “Truce” where the lyrics read, “Now the night is coming to an end / The sun will rise and we will try again.” 

During the show, Tyler Joseph explained that the reason he was drawn to the ukulele was because it was such and uncool instrument, then proceeded to say, “That’s why I wanted to be in a band with Josh. ‘Cause he was so uncool,” and closer to the end of the show Joseph said, “Hey, good luck tomorrow against Michigan, ok?”