Simone Stager-Kamats

Air Max 97’s from Nike; $190 before Black Friday, $179 during Black Friday. Black Friday offers consumers the chance to snag some of their most-wanted items at a fraction of their original price.

Simone Stager-Kamats, Staff Writer

November 29th, 2019. Black Friday. The one day that people can justify running into stores and being aggressive with everyone. Not only can they go wild, but they also get the best deals for their most wanted presents. Though this is a day when most parents will be shopping for their kids, not many people would suggest bringing children into the stores. This is because of all the violence there is. Most small children would get hurt or even lost in the crowd of people who invade the stores we love.

Some go into the war zone while others prefer to shop online. Shopping online would help people stay safe from the violence, while still getting the deals they crave. However, some still prefer to shop in-store. Some prefer to get things for themselves, and others just do not like to shop online. And those who shop in-store have some crazy stories.

“I was walking in the mall, and that was when the mall was actually like decent and popular, like probably a few years ago,” a freshman who wished to remain anonymous said. “And I fell over my shoelace, and I almost got trampled when I was 8 years old. It was pretty bad. I got kicked and everything. It was really bad.”

“My grandma worked at Walmart for a little while, and she had to work on Black Friday a few years ago, and she said that people went mad,” a freshman who wished to remain anonymous said. “They turned into animals and began to tie shopping carts together and run around with them and pack them full of stuff. She said that when the products became out of stock, anyone who had them in their shopping carts had to hide them so that no one took them. I’ve never been Black Friday shopping before, but I’m guessing that its a bunch of ‘Karens’ fighting to the death over TVs.”

The things that consumers will do for good sales is impressive. The dangers of Black Friday seem to have mellowed since previous years, but just to be safe, I would keep all my shopping online for that day.