Battle of the Snacks


Jack Clark

Despite his preference of the ROAR store, Doss enjoys a bowl of ice cream from the snack bar. “The one thing that the snack bar has is ice cream,” Doss said.

Sierra Hockenbury, Social Media Manager

When blessed with one of the pink hall passes and given the opportunity to get a snack, one must make the decision of whether or not they will go to the ROAR Store or the snack bar. The Snack Bar recently opened its doors, conveniently right next to the Roar Store. When it’s time to choose where to spend your money, it comes down to a few main differences: the snack bar accepts your student number to pay, the ROAR store sells popcorn and slushes, and the snack bar has a larger selection of baked goods. 

Differences aside, many students have a preference when it comes to choosing where to go. Zane Saylor, senior, said, “I prefer going to the snack bar because there is more of a variety. I trust a smiling, older lady more than students.” The ROAR store is a student-run establishment, while the snack bar is run by cafeteria employees. Saylor highlighted the biggest draw to going to the snack bar: “I also think the snack bar is quicker because you can use your student number to pay as opposed to using cash or a card at the ROAR store.” 

These feelings are shared among other students as well. Ryan Domico, sophomore, said, “I like the snack bar because it has more options. Also, a huge draw is being able to use your student number to pay.”

While Saylor and Domico enjoy getting snacks at the snack bar, there are still students who would rather spend their money at the ROAR store. Kylee Snyder, senior, said, “I prefer the ROAR store because I do not have money on my lunch account; I only have my credit card.”

Preference of one or the other is not only about money or selection variety. Laz Doss, senior, said, “I like the ROAR store more because I like walking in there and talking to people.” To Doss, it gives him a sense of community.

Despite their differences, students are free to choose between the two to satisfy their cravings for snacks.