Five O’Clock Shadows Fighting Cancer


Reece Steidle

Freshman Zach Lambert talks with friends at lunch, showing off the result of his shaving abstinence. Lambert participated in No-Shave November as part of a challenge between him and his friend, Shawn Eardley (not pictured). “I was originally hoping to gain bragging rights over my friend,” Lambert said. “But now, after learning the true meaning behind No Shave November, I definitely think that funding cancer research and potentially getting closer to a cure for cancer has a much bigger benefit for people having to battle cancer than it will in the competition between my friend and I.”

Reece Steidle, Staff Writer

Amidst the shortening daylight hours and the cold, wet weather of November, there is something else to note: a good cause and a fun challenge. Sources disagree on the origin of the challenge, but most people have, in some way, heard of No-Shave November. What fewer people know is that the actual point of it to raise awareness and money for the fight against cancer.

The rules are simple: do not shave for the entire month of November and donate the money you would have spent on it to the fight against cancer.

In addition to No-Shave November, Movember was also a popular cause last month. These two are very similar, however, No-Shave November is about not shaving at all (as the name suggests) and raises awareness for all kinds of cancer, while Movember is only about growing a mustache, and is meant to raise awareness specifically about testicular and prostate cancer. 

Not everyone can be Gandalf or Santa Claus, and some people’s facial hair is patchier than others’, but making the effort is all that really matters here. Many different people, from freshmen to seniors, to faculty and staff, participated in No-Shave November.

“My friend and I always debated on who could grow better facial hair. And we decided that going the month of November without shaving would be the best way to settle the debate,” freshman Zach Lambert said. 

A friendly rivalry and the goal of growing a good beard or mustache can be seen as another positive on top of an already great cause. $1,268,914 were raised this year by more than 15,000 participants. While growing facial hair might seem small and inconsequential, a million dollars can make a difference. Whether for the challenge or to support the fight against cancer, No-Shave November and Movember are challenges to consider for next year.