Roll Little Lions


“The best thing in bocce is the people you get to know and friends you make,” Ehrensberger said.

Ana Nogueira Alvarez, Reporter

On Thursday, February 13th, State High bocce hosted an intense game, full of ups and downs against Bald Eagle High School. Surrounded by a crowd full of cheering students who were excited to see the bocce team play, State High played a fun game, full of good sportsmanship, but lost 3-1. 

In bocce ball, teams can have up to 8 players. State High has 2 teams which include the Maroon and the Grey Team. On Thursday, there were two games going on simultaneously against Bald Eagle’s two teams. There were a total of four games played so that every State High team faced each team from Bald Eagle once. 


The games lasted 30 minutes where they were divided into frames. A frame goes until both teams have thrown their four bocces. Points are counted and added at the end of the frame. The team that has the closest bocce to the Polina (the smaller ball) scores at least one point but can score up to four points if the next closest bocces are also theirs. When a frame is done, the next frame starts from the other end of the court.

During the first two games, the Grey team won. On the other court, the Maroon team lost by a difference of 12 points. Bald Eagle played some great balls, and the games had some close moments. At one point, State High was about to score two points. One of Bald Eagle’s players hit the closest bocce away so that they ended up adding one point.

 “My favorite part of this game was when I served the Polina on the first try,” said junior, Jackson Lippincott, from the Grey team.

During the time out, there was a show performed by State High’s dance team. 

It felt amazing being able to perform at the bocce ball game and support our fellow classmates. I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to dance with my fellow dancers!”, said Siena de Tuerk. She has been dancing for 13 years in total, this is her first one with the highschool bocce team. The overall game was tied 1-1 before the second half started. 

“It was more intense than I thought it would be,” said senior Caitlyn Rodgers, one of the students in the audience.

In the second two games, the Grey team was neck and neck with Bald Eagle. The Maroon team was ahead, but Bald Eagle was able to come back and win 7-4. At the very end, losing 2 games to 1, the Grey team was finishing their last frame. Tied 4-4 points, it was all about to be decided. Bald Eagle got two points which gave them the victory of 3 games to 1. Some of the players later said that they were actually a little nervous as they were facing the actual State champions.

Even though State High didn’t

 win, the game was extremely entertaining. With some added in perks like the T-shirt tossing and some awesome throws. Coach Schunk, starting in the team this year, talked about how he thinks the team promotes inclusion, 

“We’re all equals. Tonight you couldn’t really tell who was an athlete and who was a partner. And that’s the idea”. Kylie Ehrensberger talked about how much she liked having the student support and seeing that the team matters, 

“The best thing in bocce is the people you get to know and friends you make,” Ehrensberger said.

The next chance to see State High bocce will be at the district finals, on March 3rd at 5pm at the North Gym. The three teams will all be there, including Bald Eagle and Bellefonte. Seniors Kate Lachendro and Caitlyn Rodgers have it clear, “We’re coming back, already in our calendars.”