Season of Sickness: Tips and Tricks to Avoid Catching a Cold


Rachel Foster

Though these tips can help prevent sickness, some main essentials are sanitizer and tissues. In addition, if you are ever sick in school, the nurse’s office is located in B0, and they are always there to help you. Make sure to take care of yourself this winter.

Rachel Foster, Staff Writer

February is coming to a close, but a seasonal issue isn’t. Every year, the common cold and influenza typically sweep across State High, infecting many students and teachers very quickly. This year isn’t any different, however. It seems as though it is particularly bad this year. Students who contract these viruses often have trouble making up late work, as they can feel knocked out for days at a time when they are sick. “I was gone for a whole week and I missed a lot,” Ryan Schneider, sophomore, said. “The make up work was awful.”

Even though it can sometimes be hard not to catch a cold, there are many ways that you can help yourself stay healthy and prevent an unwanted illness this winter season.


1. Practice good hygiene

One of the most important, and potentially most stressed, ways to keep yourself from getting sick is to have good hygiene. That includes washing your hands regularly, showering daily, covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing, etc. Without good hygiene, it’s very easy to get sick. 


2. Get about 8-9 hours of sleep per day

Another important aspect in keeping yourself healthy is to get an adequate amount of sleep each night. Getting the right amount of sleep every night can improve your physical and mental health for the better, as well as strengthening your immune system to fight off illness.


3. Get your flu shot

Some may choose not to get this for various reasons, but a great way to protect yourself against influenza is to get a new flu shot every year. The flu shot is a vaccine that is proven to decrease your chances of contracting the flu. Additionally, this shot isn’t hard to get and can be done at a doctor’s office or local drugstores.


4. Maintain a balanced diet

Perhaps one of the most important ways to keep yourself healthy and protect yourself from getting sick is to have a well balanced diet. Take a break from eating junk food and swap out sweets for fruits and other natural sugars. Your body will thank you later. 


5. Work out regularly

Even though working out may seem like a hassle, it’s very important to do regularly to keep your body in healthy condition. It’ll help you to feel better in the long winter months, as well as enhancing your immune system. 


6. Do things that make you happy

Another important thing to keep in mind during the cold and flu season is that doing things that make you happy can improve your immune system greatly and can help you fight off colds. Pet your dog, take a nap, practice a hobby, or do other activities that make you happy. 


7. Try not to share food with others

Lastly, germs can spread really quickly when you have a cold or the flu. By keeping your meals to yourself and not sharing your food with others, you can easily prevent yourself from catching a cold. One of the worst ways to catch a cold is by the spread of germs on other people’s food. 


Even though it has been a long cold and flu season, winter is almost over. And although winter is almost over, it’s necessary to keep these tips in my mind throughout the entire year, due to the fact that you can still get sick in warmer months. Keep your body and mind healthy, and everything will be alright.