How COVID-19 Has affected Student Jobs


This is a text that some State High Students have recieved. Many have received similar messaged regarding the status of there jobs and how they mostly likely are closed or will close due to the outbreak.

Avery Clifford, Staff Writer

A job can be a very important and life changing part of a teenager’s life. It comes with a lot of responsibility and opportunities to help them in life. For some teens this job isn’t just a way to get some extra money; it is a way to provide for them and their family. This has changed for a lot of teens lately with the current outbreak of COVID-19. This has caused many places of work for these teens to close, costing them their work experience. Many State High students are now out of work due to the pandemic, but a small group is still working. The students who work at grocery stores and other essential businesses that help everyone get what they need.

State High students find it very important to have a job as a teen. Senior Kate Lachendro is currently out of work from her job at a local restaurant that is closed due to COVID-19. “I think it’s important for teens to have a job because it teaches you how to manage your money and that you have to work for things that you want,” Lachendro said.

Even in these difficult times, some students have stepped up and shown responsibility and courage by working to help those at higher risk or in need. A few State High students have taken the opportunity to help in the community and have taken work at Juniper Village. “I started working at Juniper because of COVID-19 and the impact it had on the organization. Residents are unable to participate in group activities and their families aren’t allowed to visit anymore, so most of them are feeling quite saddened by the whole situation. My job is to support them through this process and ensure that they’re safe and fed,” senior Anonymous said.

Senior Siena DeTuerk is a teacher at her dance company, the Dance Academy of State College. It has been quite hard for her to continue to work at this time due to the stay home orders. However, they have found unique ways to still teach and interact with her students. They use zoom, a video calling service, to hold classes and lessons. “I’m not able to see the girls I teach and our competitions have been cancelled. So our hard work is not able to be showcased in the way we wanted,” DeTuerk said.

It is students like these that are making the current situation. Even the littlest acts can help to make huge changes in someone’s life.